We would like to introduce Conductor Power Southern

Conductor Power Southern is located in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. Our Company is part of a family-owned firm. The firm/holding company is Energy Investments located in Brainerd, Minnesota. Conductor Power Northern, our Corporate office, is also located in Brainerd, Minnesota. 

Conductor Power Northern and Southern are open shop companies and have several seasoned employees throughout the firm. The companies within the firm have completed over 1,300 power associated projects – Substations, Switchyards, Static Var, Capacitor Banks, Turbine Iso-phase, Welded Bar & Cable Bus, and Maintenance & Inspections at power plants and substations. We have also completed 95+ projects in Florida over the past 44 years. We are licensed in 35+ states which includes Florida and have many clients nationwide to provide you with as many references as you would need. We are approved with several major Florida utilities. We are here to stay along with the owner living in Fort Myers Beach, Florida.

Our employees average 10 to 45 years with the firm. We do use local labor when needed, however many of our core people with 20-35 years of experience in building power projects are lined up for work in Florida.

Our request is to give you a presentation and/or possibly be allowed to be on your approved contractors list upon the completion of your required documentation.