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Built On Rich Traditions

Conductor Power's History

Conductor Power is the pioneering arm of the Zahn Energy Family of companies. Our traditions run rich and run deep. We come from the cold winters of the north where construction demands grit, determination, and a resolute commitment to doing quality work. We now carry our traditions, values, and vision with us as we proudly contribute to the American renewable energy initiative.


Scott M. Zahn Founds
National Conductor

Starting in 1977 with a truck, a welding machine, and an idea, founder Scott M. Zahn embarked on an odyssey through an industry he had briefly been introduced to. Being brought into the high voltage construction industry by his father, Marvin Zahn, he quickly grew into the fold of the power industry by working ahead of his lineman father in the Iron Range of Northern Minnesota. Albeit setting transmission poles to stringing power lines, his tenacity quickly turned into ambition. After working on his first substation, the young but motivated Mr. Zahn saw an opportunity to provide a construction experience that has since become a standard. 

- Then -

High Voltage Union Projects

Forming National Conductor, a general electric contractor that has been successfully completing high voltage power utility projects nationwide ever since 1977, they have been a staple in the industry on union projects ever since.

In 2015, with the competitive landscape taking shape as his business grew and now having raised a family, Mr. Zahn realized the true potential of capturing even more of the very industry he had spent 40 years of his life’s work in. The concept of creating a non-union, open shop company amid the vast arena of competition was the next logical step to continued success. Through the forming of our holding company, Zahn Energy Group, it was then that Conductor Power (CP) was formed.


Conductor Power is Born

- Today -

Proudly Stepping Into Solar EPC & Electrical Services

Now onto the second generation of leadership within the Zahn family, the vision is clearer than ever. Contributing to the American renewable energy initiative, the formation of the division of Conductor Power is now at the forefront of the family business. Confidently and proudly stepping into the Solar EPC & Electrical Services market, we have paired our nearly 50 years of high-voltage construction experience with a well-seasoned leadership team specializing in renewable construction.

Our Story Continues
With You

Today, Conductor Power reflects on our storied past and views the successes of Mr. Zahn as the embodiment of the true American Dream. We carry on the traditions of safety, hard work, and honest conduct of our business as we dawn on the next chapter of the power utility industry in the United States and beyond.