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Developing Energy Projects

  • Solar
  • Storage
  • Substations

At Conductor Power, we specialize in delivering comprehensive EPC services, encompassing solar, storage, and substations. Our expertise in solar technology enables efficient and reliable energy generation. In storage, we implement robust systems that bolster energy stability and efficiency.

Our proficiency extends to substations and transmission lines, where we excel in intricate electrical installations and high-voltage solutions, with a steadfast commitment to safety and technical precision. The flexibility offered by our split-scope electrical projects caters to the unique needs of each project.

A cornerstone of our success is our effective subcontractor management, ensuring seamless coordination and impeccable quality control across all project phases. This integrated approach, combining technical excellence with strategic management, solidifies our position as a leader in delivering top-tier EPC services for a diverse range of energy projects.

Safety First, Always.

Conductor Power has an impeccable safety record with zero OSHA recordables in our company history. Our team members receive comprehensive safety training and safety is built into our culture. 

Our Experience

Proven Project Success

Conductor Power’s range of capabilities and services within the renewable industry stretches from distributive generation to utility-scale renewable projects. We offer EPC to partners throughout the industry.

  1. Energy Developers
  2. Small & Large Scale Utilities
  3. Data Centers & Industrial Applications

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