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Safety First, Always.

Our Comprehensive Safety Program

  • OSHA 30 certified Foreman
  • 23 Part In-House Training Program
  • Equipment Certification
  • NCCCO Trained Crane Operators
Conductor Power is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment that meets or exceeds our responsibilities to our employees and clients. Management is responsible for providing a safe working environment while maintaining quality and efficiency on our projects. Each project manager and foreman is responsible for the safety and health of the employees working on their projects. Employees are responsible for complying with the applicable safety and health rules and regulations as established by Conductor Power and the on-site, project specific safety program.

At a minimum, each Foreman is required to:

  • Conduct a job safety walk through prior to the start of work to identify and/or correct safety hazards.
  • Conduct daily safety meetings and training.
  • Instruct all employees under their supervision in safe working procedures and safety requirements.
  • Assure that all necessary personal protective equipment is maintained and used.
  • Enforce the safety program, at the various work levels.
  • Correct unsafe work habits as soon as possible.
  • Correct unsafe conditions detected on the project as soon as possible. If the condition is out of their control, notify the CP project manager or the site manager immediately.
  • Maintain good housekeeping at all times.
  • Assure that equipment and tools are maintained and are in safe working condition and operated properly and that daily inspections are performed.
  • Assure that all injuries, regardless of severity, are treated and promptly reported.
  • Investigate accidents, file a completed accident investigation report and correct the cause of the accident immediately.
  • Assist in the completion of the necessary workman’s compensation report on injuries requiring a doctor’s attention.
  • Insure all precautions are taken to protect the general public from work hazards with signage, blockage of work areas and awareness of unexpected hazards. Also, be aware of all threats, including unusual activities