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Conductor Power excels in providing high-quality electrical services on any sized Wind project across the United States. How do we accomplish this? By providing a collaborative construction experience for our clients. Specializing in key services such as underground medium voltage installation, MV & LV termination, and high voltage equipment installation, we ensure robust and efficient power delivery for wind energy projects.

Our expertise extends to above-ground erection, below-grade grounding, and conduit installation, demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of the unique requirements of wind energy infrastructure. This technical proficiency, combined with a strong focus on safety and efficiency, positions Conductor Power as a valuable partner in the wind energy industry.

Safety First, Always.

Conductor Power has an impeccable safety record with zero OSHA recordables in our company history. Our team members receive comprehensive safety training and safety is built into our culture. 

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Conductor Power offers a collaborative construction experience to all of our clients. We specialize in providing power construction services for these key partners: 

  1. Energy Developers
  2. Small & Large Scale Utilities
  3. EPCs & Wind Contractors

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