We Drive Projects Forward.

Utility-Scale PV Experts.

  • Solar

The Renewable Industry is defining the next generation of energy production and solar is leading the way. We are proud to provide full-scope EPC and partial scope solar services for utility scale and distributed generation projects throughout America. 

Wind Project Power Construction Services.

  • Wind

Conductor Power Renewables offers a full range of power construction services, from green field to retrofit. Each of our highly trained team members demonstrates high-quality craftsmanship, a relentless commitment to safety, and pride in achieving goals that are set for them on each project. We’ve been putting these core values into place in the power utility industry for over 50 years. 

Storage To Provide Stable Grid Energy.

  • Battery Energy Storage Systems

Optimizing, stabilizing, and balancing electricity output are the challenges of the future. And Battery Energy Storage Systems are the answer. Our utility scale and distributed generation solutions maximize output, driving the revenue potential of your project to its peak.

Data Center Power Construction Services.

  • Data Centers

The age of AI, Crypto, and Data processing is well underway and we’re here to help you develop the power solutions required to handle the immense energy requirements that these systems demand in the most efficient manner possible. We provide full scope power construction services for medium to large data centers.

Substations define our legacy.

  • Substations

We began working on substations 50 years ago and we’re still at it today. We are fully capable of building your next greenfield yard, bay addition or outage driven equipment change out. Our crews are built around four major disciplines: Foundations, Erection, Electrical and Bus & Wire.

We're Serious About Safety.

  • 0 OSHA Recordables
  • OSHA 30 Foreman
  • In-house Training Program

Our comprehensive safety program is designed to get employees home safe. That translates to OSHA 30 Certified Foreman, an extensive in-house training program, certified equipment, special training, and more. The results? They speak for themselves: Zero OSHA Recordables.

Our Leadership Drives Quality

You will find the Conductor Power leaders throughout the United States leading the infrastructure projects that are powering the future of American Energy. Our leaders are seasoned, engineering, planning, procuring, building, and completing 1,000s of projects on time, in a safe manner, and within budget. The bottom line is simple — our leadership gets the job done.